Solar Power Panels for Commercial Buildings in Denver, CO

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According to the United States Energy Information Administration, commercial buildings account for almost a fifth of the nation’s electricity use. Because of this, these spaces are great candidates for solar energy systems, affording commercial property owners the opportunity to make a serious impact on their financial expenditure and carbon emissions. Switching to solar power saves commercial businesses in Denver loads of money in utility costs and greatly reduces their carbon footprint with clean, renewable power. With all the tax credits, rebate incentives, and financing options available to Denver property owners, now is a great time for commercial buildings to switch to solar power.

Solar Panels for Denver Commercial Buildings

Ecology Solar is proud to offer our solar power services to commercial properties in Denver that use up to 200KW of energy. This typically falls under the range of small and medium-sized businesses, but varies based on usage and square footage of the Denver building. To keep lights and cimate control on during workdays, Denver businesses use more electricity and at a more frequent rate than residential buildings, so our solar panels for Denver commercial properties are designed custom to maximize output during business hours. Our team of experts has integrated solar power systems for commercial buildings throughout the Denver metro area and beyond, handling everything from design, to paperwork, to maintenance. We even equip all Denver customers with a monitoring system and repair warranty to help them ensure that their solar energy systems operate optimally for the foreseeable future.

Benefits of Solar Power for Denver Commercial Buildings:

  • Economical: Generating their own power with solar panels brings commercial businesses’ utility bill costs way down
  • Environmental: Using the natural resource of solar to power commercial buildings in Denver reduces the amount of fossil fuels in the atmosphere
  • Maintenance: Our Denver commercial solar panel systems rarely need work done, and include a 10-year warranty for all repairs and replacements
  • Financing: There are no upfront costs to adding a solar system to commercial buildings in Denver with financing assistance from the CPACE program

Solar System for No Money Down

The Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (CPACE) program was put in place by the state government to, in part, create ways for the owners of commercial spaces to get a solar panel systems installed and funded at little to no upfront cost to them. Offering financing for commercial solar power in Denver through tax assessments and liens. Denver commercial buildings with solar panels see huge utility bill reductions over time and can use those savings to repay the CPACE financing over a 10-or-20-year period.

Free Consultations for Commercial Solar Power in Denver

If you are interested in cutting electricity costs for your commercial building, solar power from Ecology Solar might be the answer. Each commercial solar panel job we conduct is handled with great professionalism and attention to detail, to ensure your business has the most productive system possible. We offer free consultations for commercial solar panels, so give us a call today for more information on commercial solar services or the attractive financial incentives for a commercial property to switch to solar power.

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