Commercial Solar Panel Installation & Design in Denver, CO

We specialize in solar panel installation for Denver commercial properties that use up to 200KW of energy, and custom design each solar system we install to ensure optimal performance. We have conducted commercial solar panel installation for some small and medium-sized businesses in Denver and would love to add you to our clientele list. If you own a commercial building and solar panel installation is something you want but can’t afford, we offer financing help in Denver to get you to switch to solar and pay it back later. Our commercial solar customers can rest easy knowing they can count on us to show up for any maintenance that is backed by the extensive warranties on installation.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Denver

Saving energy and related costs starts with a simple phone call to Denver’s Ecology Solar regarding integrating a solar installation into your commercial building. Whether it is an office building, storefront, or industrial surface in Denver, our commercial solar team can install panels on it that will lower the property’s energy bill and therefore maximize savings. We begin our Denver commercial solar panel installation jobs with a consultation where our specialists inspect the area and design a solar panel system specific to the commercial space. Our team also handles all the paperwork and works with officials to ensure the solar panels we install on your Denver commercial property are up to industry standards. Should you need financing assistance to procure a solar installation for your property, we can act as a liaison with administrators for Denver lien programs and offer insight into what your return on investment would be. We also offer maintenance for repairs and replacements of solar panels we installed on commercial spaces in Denver, often covered by warranty.

How We Install Commercial Solar Panels in Denver

  1. Inspect the property
  2. Design a solar system based on roof angle, shading, etc.
  3. Mount hardware, power cables, solar panels
  4. Connect to the grid to start saving

Financial Incentive to Install Commercial Solar Panels

One of the biggest overhead costs for companies is their utility bill, and one of the easiest ways to reduce that is with a solar panel installation for your commercial property. Solar research company EnergySage found that commercial solar installations yield an average of 75% savings on the buildings’ energy bills. There is a 30 percent federal tax investment credit for switching to solar, as well as property tax exemptions in Denver for the increase in marketability a sustainable building has. In addition to those returns on investment, there is no initial investment needed thanks to recent legislation that pays for the installation of Denver commercial solar panels, called the CPACE program.

Free Consultations on Denver Commercial Solar Installation

At Ecology Solar of Denver, we take great pride in our high standard of work. Each of our commercial solar panel installations are handled with extreme care as well as diligent attention to detail and our Denver solar installation experts work quickly so your business can experience the benefits of solar energy as soon as possible. Why rent power from a company when your business can generate its own using Denver’s 300+ days of sunshine? Lower energy costs are just a phone call away when you contact Ecology Solar a schedule a free consultation for commercial solar panel installation.

Ready to Go Solar?

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