Commercial Solar Panel Replacement & Repair

When in prime condition, the solar panel system of a commercial building in Denver can save the property owner thousands of dollars a year in energy savings through lowered utility bills. There are many factors that go into the custom design of each solar system we install in Denver, and each specification is made to ensure the solar panels work at maximum efficiency for that space. When there is an obstacle in the way or issue with a part of the system, it cannot work to its best ability and generate optimal amounts of power. We include a 10-year warranty for maintenance on all our Denver solar installations to ensure they are running properly, we even extend our repair and replacement services to commercial building owners with solar installed by other companies.

Getting the Most Out of Your Denver Solar System

Solar systems are popular in Denver due to their low maintenance, hands-off characteristics. Because of this, something wrong with the system may go unnoticed unless you get up onto the Denver property’s roof. If dirt or leaves are covering the glass panels, the photovoltaic cells cannot work at their highest efficiency because there is an obstruction blocking the sun’s rays which means they cannot absorb as much energy as fast. If a part of the solar system is broken or loose, such as wiring or conduits, it cannot function at its prime. However, customers of Denver’s Ecology Solar need not worry about these performance issues, as our solar setups include an advanced monitoring system where you can track operations and see if the system isn’t producing the energy its capable of.

Repairing and Replacing Commercial Solar Panels in Denver

One of the most significant selling points for solar panel systems in Denver is that they are low maintenance, however that does not mean they are maintenance-free. We know things happen, like weather interfering with the panels or parts malfunctioning, which is why at Denver’s Ecology Solar we have a team of solar panel maintenance experts that can address any issue your system is having. We do regularly scheduled maintenance to get up on the roof and check the system, as well as repairs when your monitoring system alerts us to a broken part. These visits are completely free for our Denver commercial solar panel customers, as they are covered for ten years under warranty.  We also do replacements in Denver for panels or entire systems that have reached the end of their lifespan, which is typically after 25 years.

No-Cost Repairs and Replacements from Denver’s Ecology Solar

Don’t hesitate to schedule maintenance for any repairs needed to your Denver commercial building’s solar energy system. The faster it's fixed, the faster your company can get back to maximum savings. Repairs are free for our Denver installation customers who are still under warranty.

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