Multi-tenant Solar Panels in Denver, CO

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By the end of 2014, the Denver area ranked seventh in the nation in per-capita installed apartment solar panels. However, many commercial and industrial properties in Denver lag behind residential buildings in energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades due to large cash down payment requirements for multi-year loans. But there is good news – new developments in solar financing are making it easier than ever for property owners in Denver to add solar panels to their apartment building.

CPACE – Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy

Recent state legislature led to the creation of the CPACE program — a simple way for existing and new commercial property owners in Denver to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. Now they can install solar panels for their Denver apartment complexes with no cash outlay, and financing for up to 20 years paid with utility bill savings. Properties in Denver that are equipped with solar energy systems experience immediate benefits like increased profits and property value. Since the loan is paid through Denver County tax assessments, it’s easy to transfer the liability when the property is sold.

Denver Solar Panel Services from Ecology Solar

As a CPACE registered contractor, Ecology Solar will help you through the process of identifying energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities, like solar panels for your Denver apartment complex. The process of adding a solar system to a Denver property is detailed, but our company handles each step and makes sure all bases are covered. We begin by performing energy audits and use the results to compose a solar system with solar panels that are tailor-made to your Denver property and connecting you with a CPACE program administrator who will be your ally in ensuring the solar system follows industry standards. In terms of financing, we offer the 30% federal tax credit for solar systems through accelerated depreciation of equipment and manage the application process for incentives provided by your electric utility. While switching to solar energy and investing in solar panels can be complicated, Denver’s Ecology Solar will assist you every step of the way.

Ecology Solar Installs Solar Panels on Denver Apartments

To ensure the maximum sustainability and savings, and cost-effective overall program, we conduct comprehensive inspections to find out what we are working with at each property, and from there, customize a plan for a solar system specific to the building. By doing our due diligence in research, property owners can feel confident that their Denver property is operating at peak energy efficiency, and therefore saving them bunches in utility costs and enhancing their marketability. Owners can count on their apartment’s solar system for years to come because anything that goes wrong will be swiftly repaired by the 10-year warranty for maintenance.

Free Consultations for Multi-Unit Solar Systems in Denver

Having solar panels installed can mean big benefits for a big building. We specialize in bringing energy efficiency to multi-tenant properties in Denver through solar installation. Ecology Solar’s decades of experience in the industry has set us apart from other solar companies in Denver that may not share our level of expertise or be able to work on such large-scale projects. If you own an apartment building or any multi-unit property in Denver, call us today for more info on what a solar system can do for you.

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