Turn Your Apartment Building’s Rooftop into a Profit Center with Solar Power

Multi-tenant Solar Panels in Denver, CO

By the end of 2014, the Denver area ranked seventh in the nation in per-capita installed apartment solar panels, according to a May 2015 report by Environment America.  However, many commercial and industrial properties lag behind residential and publicly owned properties in energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. This is largely due to limited financing options that have required large cash down payments for multi-year loans.  But there’s good news – new developments in solar financing are making it easier than ever for property owners in Denver to say “yes” to solar panels for their apartment building.

CPACE – Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy

Recently, the Colorado legislature passed, and Governor Hickenlooper signed into law, the CPACE program — a simple way for existing and new construction commercial properties to finance energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy upgrades. With no cash outlay, property owners can install solar panels for their Denver apartments with financing for up to 20 years that is paid for through cash saved from reduced utility bills. Your property will experience immediate positive cash flow, increased profits, and increased property value. And because the loan is paid through county tax assessments, it’s easy to transfer the liability when the property is sold.

Benefits of Solar Panels for Apartment Buildings in Denver

  • Improved bottom lines: Dramatically reduce energy bills, improve cash flows, and enable more competitive rental rates, increasing occupancy.
  • Happier tenants: You can create more comfortable living and working environments due to better climate control through energy efficiency upgrades (windows, insulation, HVAC upgrades, submetering, etc.).  And your tenants will get that warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that they are doing their part to stave off global warming by living and/or working in a low-carbon building.
  • Market differentiation: Your property will stand out as an energy efficiency leader with a much lower carbon footprint than similar properties.

Ecology Solar gives you a headache-free experience, taking care of design, installation, and incentive rebate processing

As a CPACE registered contractor, Ecology Solar will help you through the process of identifying energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy opportunities such as solar panels for your Denver apartments.  Though we specialize in solar power, we partner with companies that focus on areas of energy efficiency and water conservation for commercial buildings.  Our combined services include:

  • Performing energy audits to analyze a building’s energy envelope, and composing a program tailor-made to your property.
  • Once future energy consumption after upgrades can be estimated, a renewable energy system proposal will be provided that will further reduce your building’s energy use from external sources. We include the 30% federal tax credit for solar energy and savings through accelerated depreciation of equipment, and we also manage the application process for incentives offered by your electric utility, such as Xcel’s Solar Rewards program.
  • CPACE employs a program administrator that reviews our proposals to ensure they conform to realistic industry standards for projected performance and cost savings, and the program administrator plays a key role in helping you secure financing for your project. We’ll introduce you to the CPACE program administrators and walk you through the application process. We’ll be with you every step of the way to provide the information you need to satisfy capital providers and give you confidence that you’re making an excellent investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

Ecology Solar is a Leading Provider of Solar Panels to Denver Apartments.

  • We specialize in serving multi-tenant properties. Our decades of experience providing electric submetering systems to this industry set us apart from other solar companies that may not share our level of expertise.
  • To ensure the most energy conservative and cost effective overall program, we think it’s important to explore and implement energy efficiency measures first — before installing solar panels for your Denver apartment building.
  • Helping property owners and managers to reduce their energy consumption, thereby lowering their costs, enhancing their marketability, and reducing their carbon footprint is our mission.
  • Free initial consultation.  If you choose to move forward all our fees are built into the financed cost of the project.

 Our involvement does not end once your equipment is installed and commissioned. Instead, we provide a 10-year warranty, with maintenance services during that time. Remote monitoring and alerts enable us to keep your system operating at peak performance. And if you ever need us, we’re just a phone call, text, or email away.

Call or email us today to schedule a completely free solar panel assessment for your Denver apartments. You’ll learn if your properties have good potential for solar savings and we’ll tell you how we actually help you get new tenants once your installation is complete!