Multi-tenant Solar Panel Replacement & Repair in Denver, CO

When properly cared for, your Denver solar panel system will provide your multi-tenant structure with sustainable clean energy for years to come. It is, however, important to give your system the attention it requires for it to continue functioning at peak efficiency. We include a 10-year warranty for maintenance on all our Denver solar installations to ensure they are running properly and you are receiving all the possible benefits of solar power. Even Denver property owners with solar systems that were installed by other companies can call us for any repairs to those systems, and we will treat them with the same professionalism. A solar system that is not working to its full capacity harms your investment, so to circumvent that, you need expert maintenance like those performed by the pros at Denver’s Ecology Solar.  

Getting the Most Out of Your Denver Solar System

Solar panels are relatively hands-off, so it’s difficult to tell if something is wrong with the panels or the system’s operations. While solar panels very rarely break, they might not function at 100% if something is covering the glass panels or interrupts the inverter, such as debris on the roof of your Denver property. Since they are out-of-sight-out-of-mind, Denver property owners may never know there is an obstacle in the way of their solar energy production, unless their system was designed by Ecology Solar. The systems we install on multi-tenant structures in Denver are equipped with an intricate monitoring system that shows you how it's performing. We have access to these reports as well, and if we notice a dip in efficiency and or performance, we can send out a specialist to inspect your Denver property’s solar energy system.

Solar Panel Repairs in Denver

One of the main incentives for switching to solar power in Denver is that solar energy systems are incredibly low maintenance. The panels we install on multi-unit buildings are tempered and mounted on a sturdy racking system that hold their own against most kinds of weather. Most of our Denver customers have zero issues with their solar panels. However, that doesn’t mean it never happens, which is why we have expert maintenance technicians on staff, just in case. If you notice that something is wrong with your Denver property’s solar system or your meter alerts us to a malfunctioning part, we will send out a solar system repair expert to locate and fix the issue. Problems are rare but mostly stem from weather incidents like hail, snow, or wind, and can usually be repaired fast to get your system back up to par.

Replacing Denver Solar Systems

The average lifespan of a solar energy system in Denver is about 25 years. While some last less and some longer, they can always be replaced with new solar panels to continue conserving energy and saving money on utilities. We have done numerous solar system replacements in Denver for people that enjoyed the benefits so much that they didn’t want them to end! Luckily, replacements are typically much cheaper than the system’s original installation, as your property has already been prepped for it. Repairs and replacements are free for our Denver installation customers who are still under warranty.  Don’t hesitate to schedule maintenance for any repairs or replacements needed for your Denver solar energy system. The faster it's fixed, the faster you can get back to maximum savings.

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