Residential Solar Panel Maintenance & Monitoring in Denver, CO

Ecology Solar provides ongoing solar panel maintenance and monitoring services to Denver to ensure each solar installation continues to operate at peak efficiency over time. User-friendly web-based monitoring allows clients to log in with a web browser to view the performance of each solar panel and of the entire array. Ecology Solar monitors the system remotely as well and receives alerts if system performance falls outside design parameters. We are Denver’s leader in solar panel maintenance.

For ten years after installation, if a problem is identified we will assign a technician to investigate it ASAP. Beyond the first ten years, an extended warranty for monitoring and maintenance is available. Customers enjoy peace of mind knowing their solar power system is in peak operating condition and being serviced by a local company. Call today, and see what makes us the top solar panel maintenance company in Denver.

Denver’s Leader in Solar Maintenance

Our solar panel maintenance technicians are Denver’s finest

Included with every solar PV installation is a one-year inspection & maintenance program for your solar panels in Denver. Our professional staff will wash the solar panels and perform maintenance on your solar energy system to ensure that:

  • Mounting hardware is tightened to torque specifications.
  • Power cables are protected from direct sunlight and located away
from areas of water collection.
  • Solar panels are free of nesting animals or other pests that may degrade wiring or system performance.
  • All electrical connections are properly tightened and secured.
  • All overcurrent protection devices and disconnects are functioning properly.
  • Electrical bonding systems are in good condition and functioning per design and code specifications.
  • Conduit fittings are secure and properly sealed.
  • All system labels are in legible and in good condition.

Ecology Solar Warranty

    1. Ecology Solar shall warranty its workmanship for services, but not equipment, provided for a period of ten (10) years from the installation completion date. If the Customer discovers a breach by Ecology Solar of any of the warranties set forth in this Warranty, then the Customer shall give Ecology Solar notice of the nonconformity with reasonable promptness following the Customer’s discovery thereof (but no later than sixty (60) days after such discovery) and in no event later than the expiration of the warranty period. If the Customer fails to give notice within the time periods provided above, any claims arising out of or related to the alleged defect are waived. Upon receipt of such notice, Ecology Solar shall repair or replace, or cause the repair or replacement of, the nonconformity at Ecology Solar’s sole expense. The decision whether to repair or replace shall be made by Ecology Solar in its reasonable and good faith discretion.
    2. Third Party Warranties. Ecology Solar will cause all Equipment manufacturers’ warranties to inure directly to the Customer. In the event of any defective Equipment, the Customer shall look exclusively to the manufacturers’ warranties for coverage with respect to cost of replacement parts and materials and cost of labor, except that, for a period of ten years from the installation completion date, Ecology Solar will not charge for labor to replace PV modules, racking, or inverters found to be defective under manufacturers’ warranties. Maintenance services extending beyond the initial 10-year period may be available for purchase from Ecology Solar.
    3. Limited Warranty. This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all warranties of Ecology Solar, expressed or implied, of performance, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, custom, usage or otherwise and any such other warranties are hereby disclaimed. There are no other warranties of Ecology Solar that extend beyond those set forth in this agreement above with respect to the system or the services. No other warranty, oral or written, which might have been given by an employee, agent or representative of ecology solar, is authorized by Ecology Solar.
    1. Exclusions from Ecology Solar Warranty. Ecology Solar is not and shall not be held liable for any nonconformity with the warranty given in this agreement if such nonconformity is due to: (a) ordinary wear and tear; (b) acts or omissions of the customer or any contractor of the customer (other than Ecology Solar or its contractors, subcontractors or vendors); (c) alterations or repairs of the system carried out by any person other than Ecology Solar or its contractors, subcontractors or vendors not authorized in writing by Ecology Solar; (d) negligent acts of persons (other than ecology solar or its contractors, subcontractors or vendors); or (e) a force majeure event.

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